SADVA News Archive

[10 Jun 2022] Winchester Eagles first in every league : Winchester Eagles pulled off a clean sweep tonight, winning all three leagues!

[25 Sep 2021] Fixtures for the 2021/2022 season announced : This season's fixtures for the men's ladies' and mixed leagues are now live on the fixtures page

[20 Aug 2021] AGM and 21/22 teams meeting announced : SADVA is preparing for th return to the local league for the 2021/2022 season with our AGM and team's meeting on Sunday 19th September. The meeting wil be held online (details to be confirmed) from 7:30pm. Any club looking to enter the a team in one of the leagues must be represented at the meeting.

[31 Aug 2020] AGM and 20/21 teams meeting announced : SADVA is gearing up for the return of indoor volleyball and the commencement of the 2020/2021 season with our AGM and team's meeting on Friday 18th September. The meeting wil be held online (details to be confirmed) from 7:30pm. Any club looking to enter the a team in one of the leagues must be represented at the meeting.

[16 May 2020] Leagues Concluded : As the leagues are unable to resume due to the COVID19 pandemic, the committee have decided to cancel all remaining matches for this season, and have made the following decisions on the final league standings...

The Ladies' League has already completed, and Southampton Ladies finished first, followed by Team Solent University Ladies.

The Men's League has been concluded by awarding 2 points per unplayed match. Roke Polonia have already won the league, but Team Solent University Men are confirmed as finishing second, and Southampton Men & Winchester Eagles are tied in third place.

The Mixed League has been cancelled.

[17 Mar 2020] Leagues Suspended : All leagues have now been suspended due to the coronavirus COVID-19. We hope to resume the leagues when it is safe to do so.

[14 Mar 2020] 19/20 Men's and Ladies' League Champions decided : The league winners in the Ladies' league were decided last night, with Southampton Ladies taking the title over Team Solent University. In the men's league, there are still 6 matches left to play, but Roke Polonia now have an insurmoutable lead. Team Solent University and Southampton Men still have a fight for second place, with a head-to-head match next week.

[09 Mar 2019] Men and Ladies Champions decided : With a week of fixture left to play, both the men and the ladies league champions are now confirmed - and its a repeat of least season, with Roke taking the honours for the ladies and Southampton for the men. Only second place is still open for the men

[05 Mar 2019] Draft Mixed Fixtures : The First Draft of the mixed fixtures is now online.
Please note: we are only using Friday nights as we can\'t confirm availability of Woodlands on Thursdays.
The fixtures avoid all non-available dates notified.
Please let me know of any problems by Friday 15th March (latest)

[10 Oct 2018] Final Fixtures Available : The fixtures are now agreed for the season - any changes now require 2 weeks notice and agreement of all teams involved

[28 Sep 2018] 2018 draft fixtures : The 2018 draft fixtures are now available - please let Helen know if there any problems

[28 Aug 2018] 2018 AGM and Teams Meeting : The date for the 2018 AGM and Teams Meeting has now been confirmed as Friday 21 September, from 7:30 - 9pm, At Richard Taunton\'s School, room 245. Remember - each team needs to send a representative! And please do let us know your planned entires in advance so we can make some plans

[18 Mar 2018] Men’s champions : In an incredibly tight finish, Southampton Men have taken the men’s league from last year’s champions New Forest Cadets by virtue of sets won. And Roke Polonia come in third on same game points, but fewer matches won than cadets. Well played to all the teams for some really close matches and great competition.

[02 Mar 2018] Rearranged Fixtures : As St Mary\'s was closed on 2 March, the fixtures for this day have been rearranged for Friday 16 March

[07 Oct 2017] Men's Fixtures Final : The Men's League Fixtures are now finalised for the season - any further changes will require atlas 2 weeks notice, and agreement of other teams to reorganise.

[27 Sep 2017] Draft Fixtures : The 2017/8 Draft Fixtures are now online. Please let Helen know as soon as possible if there are any problems

[21 Nov 2016] Christmas Closure : St Mary's have just let us know that the hall will be closed on Friday 16 December - so the fixtures planned for that night have now been moved to the end of the fixtures list on Friday 31 March. Please let Helen know as soon as possible if this change will cause you problems

[16 Oct 2016] Fixtures Final : The Final Fixtures list is now online.
If you are unable to make a fixture, please give at least a week's notice, so we can cancel hall bookings and minimise costs.
If you can give more than 2 weeks notice, we MAY be able to rearrange fixtures!

[20 Aug 2016] AGM / Teams Meeting : This year's SADVA AGM and Teams Meeting will be on:
MONDAY 19th SEPTEMBER at 7:30PM at Richard Taunton College in Southampton (SO15 5RL)
For the team's meeting, we require a team representative from each team that is entering the 2016/2017 SADVA leagues.
For the AGM, the following positions are open for election:
- Chairperson
- Fixtures Secretary
Anyone looking to stand in either of these positions, then please get in touch with Andy

[15 Jul 2016] Mixed League Results: : With apologies for the delay - the results are in for the Mixed league, and Shirley Sharks take the title for the second year running, with Solent Set Ups in the Runners up spot

[12 Mar 2016] Bluestones win close ladies league : In their first season in SADVA, Bluestones have won the ladies league by just a single set. With Bluestones, Roke Ladies and Solent Ladies all on 6 wins from 8 matches, Bluestones take the title courtesy of having taken a extra set from Solent ladies. Second place goes to Roke ladies on a points difference count back. Well done to both - great to see a competitive ladies league

[06 Mar 2016] Draft Mixed Fixtures : The First Draft of the Mixed Fixtures is now online. Please let me know of any problems as soon as possible. Helen

[27 Feb 2016] New Forest Cadets Take the League : With an incredibly tight finish to the season, and subject to checking of the final night scoresheets, New Forest Cadets are SADVA Men's champions of 2016. Any one of 3 teams playing on the last night could have taken the top spot, but winning both their matches secured the title for Cadets. Well done!

[09 Feb 2016] Men's League part 2 : Second part of the Men's League - split into A and B - starts this Friday, 12th Feb.
Fixtures now online

[04 Dec 2015] Changed Fixtures : Please Note the change of Fixtures for tonight - 4 Dec, 15 January and (provisionally) for 5 Feb

[01 Oct 2015] 2015 Draft Fixtures : The draft fixtures for 2015-16 are no online.
I have tried to avoid known unavailability dates and other team requests. Please let me know as soon as possible if there are problems or changes needed.

[18 Apr 2015] Men's and Ladies' Winners decided : First week after Easter, and both the Men's and Ladies' Leagues have been decided.
Roke Ladies didn't lose a singe game in topping the ladies table (one drawn match!), while Solent men only lost their last match of the season in taking the Men's final.
Role on the Mixed!

[13 Mar 2015] Mixed Draft Fixtures Online : The First Draft of the Mixed Fixtures is now online. Please let Helen know of any problems.
Already flagged - Eagles matches on 8th and 15th May will be changed

[15 Sep 2014] Draft Fixtures Online : Draft Fixtures for 2014-15 are now online. Please check them before the ref\'s evening and let me know if there are any problems.

[30 Aug 2014] AGM and Team Meeting : The combined 13/14 AGM and 14/15 Team Meeting will be on Monday 8 Sep from 7:30 at the Ordnance Survey. We need a new chairman as Jim is standing down - otherwise there will be no SADVA!

[14 May 2014] Mixed Underway : The Mixed League is well underway. Just a reminder that the league has proved so popular, that we have had to add an extra venue - all THURSDAY nights games are between 8pm and 10pm at WOODLANDS SCHOOL!

[12 Feb 2014] Mens league 2 : Draft fixtures for the second half of the league are online - please check all entered results carefully as it was very close at the split!

[11 Feb 2014] Men's league part 2 : The draft fixtures for the second part of the men's league should be posted by evening of Wed 12 Feb. Please check them ASAP !

[02 Oct 2013] Draft Fixtures Online : Hi All- Draft fixtures for the season are now available online. Please notify Helen of any problems as soon as possible!

[12 Jun 2013] Season 2013/4 : The dates of the Teams Meeting, Ref's evening and start of season are now set - please add them to your diaries

[20 Feb 2013] Cup Final : The SADVA Cup finals will take place on Friday 22 Feb, at Solent University Main Hall. Many thanks to the University for allowing us to use their main hall, to give us more space for the finals. Please come along and support the ladies (Solent Uni vs Team Southampon) and the men (Solent Uni vs SGTV Solent)

[16 Feb 2013] Men's League Part 2 : The draft Fixtures for the second part of the Men's League are now online - please let Helen know as soon as possible if there are any problems with making these fixtures.

[18 Jan 2013] Postponed fixtures 18 Jan : St Mary's hall will be closed tonight, Fri 18 Jan, so all fixtures are POSTPONED and will be rearranged into spare slots on 5th, 11th and 15th Feb - please check the online fixtures for playing and reffing duties

[24 Oct 2012] Final Fixtures Online : The Online Fixtures are now final - and include the League Cup fixtures. Please let Helen know ASAP if you have any problems making any of these fixtures

[03 Oct 2012] Draft Fixtures Online : The League fixtures are now online - please check them carefully and let Helen know ASAP if there are any problems

[24 Sep 2012] Level 1 Coaching course : Tim Nash is looking to run a Level 1 coaching course on 3rd, 4th and 11th November at Crestwood College in Eastleigh.
Please contact him by email if you are interested.
[email protected]

[22 Aug 2012] 2012-13 Season Updates : The first matches of the 2012-13 season will be on Friday 5 October, after the Referees' evening on Monday 1 October. All team entries will need to be confirmed at the Team Meeting on Monday 10 September - but please let Helen know what teams you want to enter ahead of the meeting if possible.

[25 Apr 2012] AGM and Presentation evening Dates : The SADVA AGM will be on Monday 18 June at the Ordnance Survey, and the presentation evening is planned to be on the preceding Friday (15th June). Please put these dates in your diaries - with more details to follow

[14 Mar 2012] Draft Mixed Fixtures : The First Draft of the Mixed Fixtures are now online - please check them and let me know if there are any problems.

[18 Jan 2012] Changes to Fixtures 20 Jan 2012 : Please Note: This Friday (20 Jan) there is a change to the published fixtures. Solent ladies will play Southampton Uni Ladies A at 7:20 (ref OS ladies) and OS ladies will play Solent Ladies at 8:20 (ref Soton Uni ladies A). The Soton Uni A vs B ladies match will be played at a time and venue to be arranged by the Uni, and they will provide their own officials.

[27 Oct 2011] Fixture Change for 28 Oct : The fixtures for 28 October have changed:
There will only be one match - Soton Academicals vs Southampton Uni A, at 7:20.
The Southampton Uni A vs Team Southampton A match has been moved to 9:20 on 27 January.
The Soton Academicals vs Team Southampton A match has still to be rearranged.

[01 Oct 2011] Draft Fixtures : Please check the Draft Fixtures. The team vote was to use all the available nights to play league matches, so the men will all play each other once, and the ladies play each other twice. This means that the Cup matches will only take place if we can find additional venues.

[12 Sep 2011] New Season Fixtures : We have a fantastic 13 men's teams, 8 ladies' teams and 11 mixed teams entering the SADVA league this year.
This is great for volleyball in Southampton - but is causing us a few headaches in arranging fixtures to give everyone as much volleyball as we can. Teams will be contacted this week (week of 12th Sep) with options for how to fit in all the matches. The draft fixtures will be sent out by 26th Sep, and teams will need to notify us any problems by 3 Oct.
As we are very tight for fixtures, and have almost no spare nights, any team giving less than 2 weeks notice of needing a change in the fixtures will have to rearrange the fixtures at their own venue, or forfeit the games involved.

[23 Jun 2011] Summertime - Play on the Common : Now the Summer is here, the league matches are over - so it's time to come and play on the Common every Tuesday Night.

Several teams from SADVA play outdoor, grass-court volleyball on Southampton Common during the summer months. We set up along the main path that runs from The Bellemoor Tavern on Hill Lane to The Cowherds pub on the Avenue. Sessions run every Tuesday from 6pm til dusk - unless it's raining or the ground is very wet.

Sessions are free to attend and open to people of all ages and abilities.
We normally have a few courts set up and people can join in as they arrive. This year we will be trying to mix the teams up so that it is a little fairer for everyone and games may be timed to 20 minutes so that you get to play other opposition.
If we have enough kit we may set up a court for beginners and a court for more experienced players, in addition to 2 courts for everyone.

[13 Mar 2011] Leagues Decided : Both the Men's and Ladies' leagues are now concluded.
In a very closely fought Men's Div 1, Roke A sneaked a win from Team Southampton A, by just one set. In the ladies, the last fixtures decided the league, with 2 good wins from Team Southampton A giving them the league and the University keeping Solent out of second spot, which went to Roke Manor.

[13 Mar 2011] Cup Finals : The Cup Finals were held at Solent Uni last Friday. In the Ladies, Team Southampton A completed the double, with Roke runners up. The Men's final was a much closer affair, with a massive University squad eventually overcoming the experience of Eagles by shear fire-power.

[25 Feb 2011] Div2 Decided : The first league of this season has been decided - and Team Southampton B have taken the Div 2 title, winning all their matches. Well done lads - and good luck in the U18 National Finals this weekend

[08 Feb 2011] SADVA 3x3 Confirmed : The annual SADVA 3x3 tournament is confirmed for Sunday 10 April, from 10am - 5:30pm at Itchen College. We'll be able to run 2 courts, as last year, and keep everyone playing, so sign up today on the doodle link!

[26 Jan 2011] Draft Mixed Fixtures online : The first draft of the Mixed fixtures are now online - please let Helen know as soon as possible if you have any problems, or spot a mistake, otherwise they'll be confirmed as final by 1 Feb.

[04 Dec 2010] Mens Cup Matches Rearranged : Following the postponement of the cup matches on 3 Dec, the Matches on 10 Dec, 13 Dec and 14 Jan have been rearranged. Please check the fixtures list for details

[03 Dec 2010] Arrangements for 3 Dec : Due to early closure of St Mary's Leisure Centre, and bad weather, there are
Matches will be rearranged - probably all played next Friday, 10 Dec

[02 May 2010] Men Div 2 Result : Ordnance Survey took their first title - OS X winning the Men Div 2 title. OS X won all their Div 2 matches - and will be promoted to Div 1 next season. Winchester Eagles will drop to Div 2 - all dependant on number of entries next season

[21 Mar 2010] League Champions decided : Southampton University have ended a great season with taking both the Men's and Ladies' league titles. The Men's B team managed to defeat the A team in a close match to take the decider and take the title from Solent. The University have had a great year - with the ladies finishing third in the BUCS championships, and the men taking third in the BUCS cup. Now on to SEVA!

[06 Sep 2009] AGM / Team Meeting : There will be a combined AGM, Teams Meeting and Awards Presentation on MONDAY 14 September, at 7:30pm, at Oasis Lordswood (Oaklands).

[25 Jun 2009] Final league decided : The Last matches of the season are now complete and see the Mixed title go to Solent. The second spot was hotly contested, and finally went to Sleepless Knights, with 6 wins out of 8.

[12 Jun 2009] Roke Manor B take B League : The B league title was taken by Roke Manor B after they won all their second round matches.

[31 Mar 2009] Men Second round and Mixed fixtures online : The Men's Second Round fixtures are now online. Please check these carefully. There are rearranged fixtures for the mixed teams to allow the postponed matches to be played

[08 Mar 2009] University take Cup Honours : Southampton University made a clean sweep of the Cup finals. The ladies final, against Team Southampton, saw the Univerity take an early lead through some excellent serving from Federica. Team Southampton came back strongly and were almost level when Federica got back on serve and pulled the Uni away again to take the first set. The second set was much tighter - until Federica came round to serve for the second time, and pulled out 9 points, which Team Southampton couldn't get back. The Men's final was an all Uni affair - A vs B, with Uni B reversing last year's result to take the cup. The match was close all through, with some excellent hitting and good court coverage in defence from both sides, but, with the exception of a short period early in the second set, the B team always had their noses in front and eventually took both sets comfortably.

[12 Jan 2009] Solent take the 4x4 : A Solent quartet - Kees de Groot, Katka Bednarova, David Provan and Sofie de Broe - took the title in the 4x4 tournament, generously sponsored by SGTV, held on Sunday 11 Jan. There were 7 teams, with players from all the S.A.D.V.A. clubs braving the icy Sports Hall at Solent University. The teams were picked from a hat at the start of the day, and second place went to a mixed team headed by Simon Trueick (Solent) with Luke Goble and Julia Thompson (Team Southampton) and Siebe van der Wal (Roke).